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Kulani Solar - Lighting and Fittings

Products By Solar Way

Home Work Light

Battery: 1700 RAM
Panel (w): 0.5
Usage Time: 30 hrs
Colour: Yellow / Red / Green / Blue
Kulani Solar Product

Candle with Solar Charger

Battery: 850 x 2 RAM
Panel (w) 0.5
Usage Time: 30 hrs
Details: Candle with Solar Charger
Kulani Solar Product

G3 Lantern

Battery: 3600 li-Ion
Panel (w): 3
Usage Time: 9 / 20 hrs
Details: Built in radio and phone charger
Kulani Solar Product

Solar Power Radio

Battery: 2000 Li-Ion
Panel (w): 1
Usage Time: 30 hrs
Details: Solar Power Radio

Our Quality Promise

KULANI Engineering Consultancy, its top management and employees, strives and commits themselves to the following:

  • To employ its network of technically competent individuals and organizations in providing flexibility to its offering thus delivering the required excellent services to its clients.
  • To deliver credible solutions to the industry by ensuring our designs and services conform to modern quality standards and best practices.
  • To provide engineering solutions that adds value to our client’s strategic and operational goals.
  • In pursuit of service excellence, to ensure that our services are driven by the client’s needs with a view towards building long-term partnerships.
  • To establish solid partnerships with various specialist consulting companies with expertise in engineering, environmental management and transport engineering.
  • To offer our clients a robust and knowledgeable consulting team that spreads across a broader.

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